Karol Falba
70-123 Szczecin
ul.Dunikowskiego 38/72
  +48 696 851 524

Ship Supplier

Ship Supplier of engine stores (tools, steel products, chemicals, Spare Parts, etc.).
Ship Supplier of deck stores (ropes & wires, safety equipment, working cloths etc.).
Ship Supplier of medicine- Ship’s Supplier of marine chemicals for engine & deck.
Ship Supplier of provisions.
Ship Supplier of maps, flags, nautical publications.
Ship Supplier of Steel, copper, bronez materials.
Ship Supplier of office equipment and stationery.
Purchase of scrap: steel, aluminium, copper, bronze.
Ship Supplier of deck devices ( roller, head, tubular ventilation heads).
Ship Supplier of Pilot ladders, of Gangways.



We use both “ISSA” and “IMPA” ship stores catalogues, what makes ordering easier and secures accuracy of delivered stores.


We perform the review of ship hospitals along with the instruction of the use of medicines according to WHO.

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