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70-123 Szczecin
ul.Dunikowskiego 38/72
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Automic Control Engineering

We offers a range of services in the field of marine electronics, automation and control systems.
Our engineers reconstruct the damaged PCB and electronic circuits, we also prepare equipment and systems for class reviews. High-quality, calibrated, measuring equipment allow us to carry out the work while maintaining high accuracy of settable parameters. We diagnose faults on vessels in Poland and whole Europe, our engineers have seaman\\\\\\\'s books.
Below is the basic list of equipment serviced by us:
Protection circuits for generator sets.
Protection circuits for auxiliary engines.
Control circuits for auxiliary engines
Electric, electronic governors.
AVR, trip units, measurement of alternators.
Synchronizing units, parts of energetic system.
Protection circuits of main engines.
ME electric, electronic governors, CPP control systems.
ME electric, electronic parameter indicators.
Alarm and control systems for engine room.
Electric machines, auxiliary devices (pumps, compressors, water-oil separators) - electric motor measurements.
Voice communication systems.
Fire indication systems, detector loops,  mainboards of fire-alarm units and their repetitors.
Battery charging systems (start batteries, emergency light, radio).
Deck electric systems (lights, sound systems).
Cathodic protection systems.
Periodic inspections and calibration for pressure indicators, transducers.
Periodic inspections and calibration for temperature indicators, transducers.
Power sharing calibration, energy quality measurements.
Crane control systems.
Communication buses in automation system measurement (noice suppresion, distortion elimination, line termination fitting, signals).
Electric and electronic equipment thermal imaging diagnostic and measurements.
Inspection and live tests of generator and electric motors circuit breakers Schneider Electric / Merlin Gerin, on vessels.
Periodical maintenance and overhaul of Medium Voltage equipment (i.e vacuum breakers, contactors) including high voltage tests.