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All kind of steel repairs inc.

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We make production work as a subcontractor for the production of aluminium and steel ship structures for multiple projects such as:

Sections of aluminium and steel superstructures of ships.
Offshore structures.
Marine aluminium structures for different types of units.
Superstructures, masts.

The production range also includes ship structures with smaller dimensions and mass, such as machinery and equipment foundations, columns, elevators, radar masts, etc., which are also made of stainless steel and aluminium.

We also provide services for the production of the following structures:
gates, fencing,
containers, railings, handrails,
garages, roofing,
and many other products.
Structures can be protected with zinc and powder coating.
We provide professional services of cutting and bending profiles and pipes.

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We make structures equipment ship: doors, hatches, hatch ladder, roller fairleads, roller heads , tubular ventilation heads, ventilation heads, bollards, vertical roller (roller guide).